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FAQ - Marine Aquarium

Do the Canister Filters you sell on your website include pumps, and hoses?
Yes, all of the canister filters we sell include pumps and hoses (excluding Nu-Clear filters).

What type of heater can I use with a Rainbow Lifegard Heater Module?
We recommend that you use a Glass heater, and not a Titanium heater. Titanium heaters will not fit in the Heater Gasket of the Heater Module, as they are too thin, and the Titanium heater will not fit securely inside the heater gasket.

Can I use T-8 Bulbs in a T-12 Light Fixture, and vice versa?
No, you can only use T-8 light bulbs for a T-8 light fixture, and T-12 bulbs for a T-12 light fixture.

Do I need moon light for my aquarium?
No, moonlights are not a necessity for aquariums, but they can be beneficial to reef aquariums. Research does show that moonlights help induce spawning in corals and invertebrates. Moonlights also allow you to see in your aquarium at night, making the tank more aesthetically pleasing. As they are normally one watt LED lights, they do not consume much energy.

Can I use a straight pin power compact bulb in a square pin power compact end cap, and vice versa?
No, you can only use a straight pin configuration power compact bulb with a straight pin configuration power compact endcap, as you only use a square pin configuration power compact bulb with a square pin configuration power compact endcap.

I am having trouble with my lighting system. What is wrong?
See Captive Sun Lighting Product Information.

Overflow Box
Why does my CPR Overflow Box not keep its siphon, or will not restart its siphon after a power outage?
Both CPR and Marine Depot recommend using the Aqua Lifter Micro Pump, as the micro pump is a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump will draw both air and water out of the top of the nipple of the C-Siphon, and provide a continuous flow out of the overflow box. CPR Overflow Boxes operate quietly and efficiently with the use of the Aqua Lifter Micro Pump.

How do I use Ozone in my aquarium?
We recommend injecting ozone into an ozone safe protein skimmer, or a Ozone reactor.

What will I need to operate my Ozonizer?
We recommend a strong air pump, airline tubing, and carbon for the outlets of your skimmer or Ozone reactor. You will also need an ORP controller to control the injection of ozone.

Plumbing Parts
Why can't I find any plumbing fittings for the outer threads of my Bulkheads?
The outer threads of the bulkhead should not be used, as we only recommend using the inner area of the bulkhead. The bulkhead nut should be the only item on the outer thread of the bulkhead.

Why doesn't my powerhead turn back on after I turn the power off and back on to my aquarium?
We recommend tapping the powerhead a couple of times, or opening the impeller cover and spinning the impeller while the powerhead is on. This should help get your powerhead going again. Impellers may get stuck and will need to be loosened occasionally.

Protein SkimmerI just received my new protein skimmer, and it has been running for the last couple of days without making any foam, is this normal?
New protein skimmers will take up to two weeks to break in and produce skimmate, as new protein skimmers may still have residue from production oils. We recommend that you thoroughly rinse the protein skimmer in warm water to remove any residue from production oils prior to using the skimmer.

What color should the skimmate in my collection cup be?
The goal is to remove as much protein and organics as possible. Most will shoot for a medium brown-colored skimmate that is not too dry or too wet. Getting the proper skimmate will require adjusting the protein skimmer: which will take time and patience.
Reef Aquarium
Reef Aquarium

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