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About Us - Marine Aquarium, operated by is the current leader in marine and reef aquarium supplies. We are committed to maintaining extremely low prices, providing friendly customer service, and simply liking what we do.

Please take advantage of's, industry-leading, product information database by clicking on the many links found throughout our website. If you have any questions about any product, please feel free to email or contact our customer service representatives.

Have some extra time and want a personal touch with your order? Naturally, orders over the telephone are not processed as fast as our fully automated online ordering system. However, there are a lot of benefits to ordering via telephone. First and foremost, our staff are hobbysts with extensive experience in marine aquarium and reef keeping. Since our hobby is not an exact science, their primary service is not to tell you what to purchase. We are here to take our time and let you know the options available so that you may make the most informed choices for your aquarium. Besides this important, industry-leading capability, our customer service representatives are highly trained in data entry and order handling.

Feel free to email us at We are staffed with reef hobbyists with an average saltwater and reefkeeping experience of about 15 years, and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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